Hopefully you will find all the details you need here.



  • Suitable clothing for sport – shorts/leggings, T-shirt
  • Warm top
  • Extra dry layer
  • Waterproofs – jacket and trousers if possible
  • Studed boots AND trainers – girls MUST have both in case the ground conditions change. Mostly they play in trainers as the ground is quite hard. However if it does rain the grass becomes slick and studs are then compulsory
  • Mouthguards must be worn. We will sell and help fit boil and bite ones for £3.50
  • Sticks (we will  have sticks to borrow or purchase)
  • Goggles are not compulsory at camp, though they are at most schools now so we highly recommend wearing them if you have them


All girls attending the camp must be members, this is a nominal cost of £5. Mainly this will ensure they are covered by our insurance.

In the past we have registered all the girls with the English Lacrosse Association for free, and they have then been covered by the ELA’s insurance. However since 2017 the ELA has brought in a charge for membership, £15 for juniors and £30 for adults. Therefore it seemed simpler and cheaper to get our own insurance.