Summer Lacrosse Camp 2019 – Coaching Field Lacrosse Course

Coaching Field Lacrosse (18+)

(Comparable to previous Level 2)

August 10th and 19th-23rd

Develop your coaching skills and take the lead

This course begins with one day of theory and practical training, which includes an initial assessment of each coach to gauge baseline level of experience and competence. Following this, an individual action plan is drawn up and participants will be mentored through the week of coaching to meet their action plan goals. The course is designed to enable coaches to independently plan and deliver lacrosse sessions, developing tactics for both players and teams. Coaches will be expected to fully utilise online resources provided to support their practical learning. The mentored week will end with a second assessment in order gain full competency to complete the qualification.

All Field Lacrosse Coaches will need to complete a Child Protection Course and Basic First Aid Course, which can both be done online.

The course is open to anyone age 18 or over on the day of assessment. It is limited to 8 candidates as we could not effectively mentor more than that during the week.

Saturday 10th
Coaching theory, some practical & initial assessment

Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd
Experience and mentoring to meet individual action plan goals

Friday 23rd
Assessment day



Coaching £245

Dates & Times

Saturday 10th Aug, 9:00 – 5:30
Monday 19th – Friday 23rd, 9:00 – 5:00


Same as the camps.



English Lacrosse Association Membership

The English Lacrosse Association has put in place a membership scheme as of 2017. All candidates will need to register before their application for the coaching course can be completed.

It is £15 for juniors and students and gives a £15 reduction on the course fee anyway. Please complete your application once you have received your membership number.


Future employment opportunities at Chiswick Lacrosse

We offer employment to as many newly qualified coaches as possible.

We employ 20 to 30 coaches each summer. Below are our rates of pay.

Assistant Coach (1st year coaching)   –   £60 per day
Experienced Assistant Coach (2nd year onwards)    –   £70 per day
Competent Field Coach   –   £100+ per day (dependent on experience and responsibilities)