Summer Lacrosse Camp 2019 – Introduction to Coaching Lacrosse

Introduction to Coaching Lacrosse (16+) 

and Assistant Lacrosse Coach 

(comparable to previous Level 1)

August 10th & 12th-16th 

Take the next step and develop your skills from player to coach


The Introduction to Coaching Lacrosse is a one day, practical course, introducing participants to the role of a coach. The course is designed to teach the basic principles and theory behind coaching and educate on how to set up a safe, fun and engaging coaching session. There will be the opportunity to have a go at coaching and learn from peers and instructors. As well as the practical elements, participants will be expected to utilise online resources. This qualification allows participants to coach lacrosse alongside a more experienced coach.

While doing this course with us, we will be offering the further Chiswick Lacrosse certification of Assistant Lacrosse Coach within the price. This includes individual mentoring through the week, which will consolidate learning, provide opportunity to practice coaching and end with an assessment. Participants will then be qualified to coach small groups independently, though still under the direction and supervision of a more experienced lead coach.

We provide the training, mentoring, necessary experience and assessment day all within one week, enabling you to complete the qualifications within this short timeframe. Following successful completion of the award we do our best to also offer you employment in the final week (26th – 30th Aug).

Theory and some practical

Monday to Thursday
Mentored coaching and experience to develop skills and confidence

Assessment day



Dates & Times

Saturday 10th Aug, 9:00 – 5:30
Monday12th – Friday16th, 9:00 – 5:00


Same as the camps.

English Lacrosse Association Membership

The English Lacrosse Association has put in place a membership scheme as of 2017. All candidates will need to register before their application for the coaching course can be completed.

It is £15 for juniors and students and gives a £15 reduction on the course fee anyway. Please complete your application once you have received your membership number.

Future employment opportunities at Chiswick Lacrosse

We offer employment to as many newly qualified coaches as possible.

We employ 20 to 30 coaches each summer. Below are our rates of pay.

Assistant Coach (1st year coaching)   –   £60 per day
Experienced Assistant Coach (2nd year onwards)    –   £70 per day
Competent Field Coach   –   £100+ per day (dependent on experience and responsibilities)